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03/08/09 07:29 PM #1    

Lance Bautista

Welcome to the Central Catholic High School Class Of 1979 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

05/14/09 09:21 PM #2    

Kay Mays (Joens)

Hey Lance! Nice job on the website.....I'm assuming you are the webmaster extrordinairre (how the hell do you spell that!!) Very easy to navigate....important for people like me who hate technology! And thanks to all who are involved in the planning. A thankless and time consuming job I'm sure, although It seems like the coctails may be making it less painful! Hope to see you all soon!
Kay Joens (Mays)

05/15/09 10:52 AM #3    

Jeanette Freeman (Costa)

Thanks to all who are planning this special event! We all know how much time and effort go into these things! Let me know how I can help! Looking forward to seeing all of you and reconnecting! Great Job on the website!

05/24/09 09:21 PM #4    

Dan Savage

Hello Jeff and everyone else- As Mark Twain once said said " The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." The other Dan Savage did teach school,die of cancer and have a school named after him, although we were not related I did know him and we occasionally recieved each others phone calls.

In fact I'm alive and well and have been living in Sacramento for the past 11 years. Before that I was in LA for about 8 years (Two years at UCLA for a masters) and a couple of years in Berkeley (BA UC Berkeley). Prior to that I lived in Yosemite National Park and in Japan, near Kyoto.

I married Susan Sample from Modesto 20 years ago and we have two sons, Sean 15 and Colin 13. Sue teaches high school and I am the Chief of Staff to a state senator from LA and work in the Capitol.

We are all doing great and I hope the rest of you are well.
Dan (I'm not dead yet) Savage

05/28/09 09:10 PM #5    

Kay Mays (Joens)

Glad you didn't "go to the light" Dan!!!

so.....we have less than 3 months to lose 25 lbs???...

05/31/09 08:14 PM #6    

Jeff Hatch

Well Dan, glad we didn't lose ya. Looking forward to catching up with you and everyone else at the reunion.

07/11/09 04:08 PM #7    

Ann Escobar (Azevedo)

Ok I am in the game!!! Dan- I am glad that you are not dead yet! Chris and Kay - lose weight? What weight? I am as thin as.... enough BS. I can't wait to see you both and everyone else too. The website is a super way for all of us to share. Thanks, Lance.

07/13/09 02:44 AM #8    

Lance Bautista

Can you believe we got 50 out of 60 so far! Now let's all focus on those we still need to reach.

07/15/09 12:01 PM #9    

Michael Han (Han)

I have 2 anniversaries this summer, one with all of you and our 20 year anniversary at Can't believe I've been at Shasta 20 years.
I'd like to extend an "Anniversary Special" to any of you who still have some vacation time left for this Summer and Fall and want to go houseboating. Check out our upscale fleet at
When you call Central Reservations, just mention my name and you will receive a 25% discount.
Any stories of partying, detentions, cruising, racing cars or spending time in Fr. Pedja's office shared with my staff are subject to disqualification!

08/07/09 04:17 PM #10    

Bernadette Silveria (Moreno)

Gee like everyone else I can not believe it has been so long since High School.I guess 30 years has flown by fast... looking forward to seeing everyone i guess!
Bernie S.

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